Cast nylons are generally accepted as the primary engineering polymer, suitable for virtually any plain bearing application. By varying the conditions of polymerisation, the mechanical properties of 6C may be altered to suit specific applications; meaning the performance of the base polymer can be enhanced with the addition of various additives, fillers, lubricants and colourants.

Additives include, colouring agents for cosmetics, dry, solid, and liquid lubricants to reduce coefficient of friction, plasticisers to improve impact strength, anti-oxidizers to inhibits outer-surface oxidation at elevated temperatures and glass-fibres to improve rigidity.

6C (PA 6C)

This unmodified grade, produced by an anionic polymerisation casting process, demonstrates similar characteristics to PA66. Cast 6C products contain significantly lower stress levels combined with high strength, good creep and wear resistance, resulting in great dimensional accuracy when machining.


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6C MOLY (PA 6C + MoS2)

Improved crystallisation and a degree of self-lubrication occur by the addition of molybdenum disulphide. Hardness increases and simultaneously the general mechanical and anti-friction properties are improved.


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6C HS BLUE (PA 6C + heat stabiliser)

Additives in the form of high temperature resistant colorants and heat stabilisers allow this material to better retain mechanical properties in applications operating at higher temperatures. HS BLUE’S distinctive colour conforms to the specifications required by the Asian market for cast nylon.


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OFN (PA 6C + blended liquid lubricant)

A complex, blended, oil lubrication system, uniformly distributed throughout the product guarantees constant performance over the whole service life of this exceptional oil-filled nylon. Excellent sliding frictional properties, abrasion resistance and low stick/slip performance make this product a first choice for unlubricated moving parts.


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WFN (PA 6C + wax)

This supreme abrasion resistant grade contains a blended wax lubrication system, uniformly distributed to radically improve wear resistance and coefficient of friction characteristics. The material has excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties and exhibits outstanding pressure velocity capabilities. WFN is particularly suited to dry running bearing applications throughout a wide load and speed range.


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CP612 (PA 612C copolymer)

CP612 is a copolymer of nylon 6 and nylon 12 produced by anionic polymerisation of caprolactam and laurinlactam. The copolymer makeup gives the product a greater degree of material resilience, reduces moisture absorption and greatly improves impact resistance.


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6C IMPACT (PA 6C + plasticiser)

This grade was specifically developed for applications requiring high impact resistance. Other important characteristics are improved insensitivity against stresses, sharp edges, notches and scratches. It also exhibits improved noise reduction and great load bearing capabilities.


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Alternative Viva Nylons grades

  • 6C COLOR (PA 6C + preferred colour): For application and component cosmetics (lubricated versions available)
  • 6C PE (PA 6C + UHMWPE): Enhanced sliding properties and wear resistance (MTO)
  • 6C MOLY OFN (PA 6C + MoS2 + Oil): Hardness coupled to lubricity (MTO)
  • CP612 OFN (PA 612 + Oil): Material resilience coupled to lubricity (MTO)
  • 6C GF (PA 6C + Glass): Structural reinforced with high compressive load capabilities (MTO – restricted size range)
  • 6C FG (PA 6C + FDA Compliance): Food contact compliant (MTO)
  • 6C EL (PA 6C + Conductive elements): Antistatic and conductive capabilities (MTO – restricted size range)

FDA compliance

We externally test our Food Grade cast nylon (6C FG) according to the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, according to FDA 21 CFR § 177.1500. 6C-FG can be used in direct contact with foods and pharmaceuticals, with coloured and lubricated versions possible.

FDA Extraction Test Document

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The combination of PA6-C processing know-how, material excellence and market knowledge allows our products to be used in a myriad of applications in many key industries around the world.

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