The heart of our enterprise is a state-of-the art cast nylon manufacturing facility, designed to service an ever-evolving worldwide demand for cast nylon semi-finished stock-shapes.

Our products are semi-crystalline macromolecular cast polyamides, exhibiting extremely high molecular weights. Each grade of 6C is produced through an anionic polymerisation mechanism, enabled through a chemical reaction process. We produce materials exhibiting optimum mechanical and physical characteristics such as high mechanical strength, high abrasion resistance, vibration damping and extremely low inherent stress.

Our Nylons Casting Facilities

Viva Nylons casting facility includes a variety of production capabilities, including vertical, centrifugal and pressurised casting methods. Each process allows activated caprolactam to be poured into heated molds, where an exothermic polymerisation process takes place. The resulting semi-finished materials include stock-shapes such as rods, plates, tubes, blocks and near-net-shape castings.

UK Leaders in Cast Nylon Manufacture

The combination of PA6-C processing know-how, material excellence and market knowledge allows our products to be used in a myriad of applications in many key industries around the world.

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