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Nylacast Aquanyl


Our premium PA612 for unrivalled dimensional stability & moisture absorption. Available through our partnership with Nylacast.

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Material Data

1.14 g/cm³
Tensile Strength:
74-78 MPa
Compressive Strength:
95-120 MPa
Impact Strength:
6.0-7.0 KJ/mm²
Friction Coefficient:
Max Cont. Temp:
100 ℃
Melting Point:
216 ℃
Water Absorption:
5 %
FDA Compatible:
Colours Available:
Yellow, Black, Natural, Light Yellow

N.B. Material data may vary slightly depending on profile and size.

Download the technical datasheet for full material data

Material Description

Aquanyl 612 is the ideal material choice for when additional resilience is a specific requirement, for example in the ball valve industry where the application of valve seat seals
benefits greatly from this material. In addition due to its copolymer make up with nylon 12 the product has a reduced moisture uptake than cast nylon providing improved dimensional stability



Material Downloads

Learn more and download all technical information below.

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