POM-C (Acetal)

The Copolymer grade is the ideal combination of strength, stiffness and wears resistance. It absorbs very little moisture, is easily machinable and is genuinely porosity-free making it the preferred grade for food contact and medical applications. The product exhibits an elevated resistance to hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermal-oxidative degradation when compared to acetal homopolymer To learn more about our POM-C Material Grade use our custom request function or email websales@vivanylons.com.

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Material Data

1.410 g/cm³
Tensile Strength:
70 MPa
Compressive Strength:
110 MPa
Impact Strength:
7.20 KJ/mm²
Friction Coefficient:
Max Cont. Temp:
90 ℃
Melting Point:
170 ℃
Water Absorption:
0.90 %
FDA Compatible:

N.B. Material data may vary slightly depending on profile and size.

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Other Materials

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PA6 Flame Retardant (FR)
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The original cast nylon - PA6 is the base grade from which all cast nylon materials are created.
Nylacast Impact
Nylacast Impact
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POM-C (Acetal)
POM-C (Acetal)
POM-C otherwise known as Acetal Copolymer features highly crystalline resins, making this material strong and rigid, with a low coefficient of friction in comparison to metals and other plastics. POM-C is also creep resistant and is recommended for applications where dimensional stability is important.
PA6 Food Grade
PA6 Food Grade
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