Heat Stabilised (HS)

Additives in the form of high-temperature-resistant colourants, heat and UV stabilisers allow this material to better retain mechanical properties in applications operating at higher temperatures. The colour agent used to produce HS Blue's distinctive colour conforms to the specifications required by the Japanese market for cast nylon.

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Material Data

1.14 g/cm³
Tensile Strength:
80 MPa
Compressive Strength:
95 MPa
Impact Strength:
5.4 KJ/mm²
Friction Coefficient:
Max Cont. Temp:
110 ℃
Melting Point:
220 ℃
Water Absorption:
6 %
FDA Compatible:

N.B. Material data may vary slightly depending on profile and size.

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Suitable for High Operating Temperatures

HS Blue is our heat stabilized cast nylon, easily distinguished by its blue colour. Additives, colourants, heat stabilizers and UV stabilizers allow HS Blue to operating at higher operational temperatures.

Improved Mechanical Properties

The additional additives within our HS grade provide added mechanical property and dimensional stability benefits.

Conforms to Japanese Market Standard

HS Blue conforms to the specifications required by the Japanese market for cast nylons, a high percentage of which is serviced by this product alone. This accreditation is held by very few manufacturers of cast nylon due to the difficulties involved during its manufacture.

Material Downloads

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