Cast nylon materials play an important function in aggregate and material handling applications. The wide-ranging material attributes of PA6C contribute to reliability and safety in conveying and mining equipment components.

Viva Nylons specify and manufacturing wear resistant and structural cast nylon components for numerous mining and quarrying equipment applications. Our materials are formulated to perform in extreme weather conditions, including hot and humid environments to the extreme cold.

Applications include, CP612 thrust and support rollers for rotary dryers, 6C-OFN support pulleys and running wheels for overland rope conveyors (conveyor system for bulk material handling), 6C-WFN wear pads for protection of metal parts in telescoping / reciprocating wear applications and 6C-OFN bushes / bearings large vehicles and lifting equipment:

Support and Thrust Rollers

Cast Nylon Support rollers Cast Nylon thrust rollers


Commonly found in mining, quarrying and mineral processing, rotary (or aggregate) dryers are large, rotating cylinders (drums), convey material during drying under gravity. CP-612 support rollers support and or drive the dryer’s path-ring during the cylinder’s rotation. The CP-612 thrust rollers are situated either side of the dryer’s path ring and controls forward or reverse movement of the drum.

Viva Nylon’s high load bearing CP-612 prevents wear to the path ring, whilst reducing application noise and system weight.

Wire Rope Pulleys for Conveyors and Bulk Material Handling Technology

Cast Nylon Wire Rope Pulleys

Cast nylon pulleys in rope driven conveyors applications have earned a reputation for reliability and low operating costs, by dramatically increasing the lifespan of wire-ropes and cables. They are lightweight, extremely tough and enhanced by the addition of additives during the polymerisation process, to suit various operating environments.

PA6C pulley applications:

  • Overland conveyor
  • Rope driven conveyors
  • Cableways
  • Vertical conveyors

Crossover PA6C pulley applications include:

  • Elevators, lifts and escalators
  • Stringing blocks
  • Theatrical rigging

For outdoor pulley applications and components exposed to direct sunlight, 6C-Black and 6C-Moly exhibits better UV resistance (when compared to unmodified natural 6C). In turn, the addition of heat stabilisers inhibits oxidation and slow surface degradation of the cast nylon parts exposed to elevated temperatures.

Cast Nylon Bearings & Bushings

cast nylon bushings

Designed to replace traditionally materials such as bronze, steel and laminate materials, lubricated cast nylon bushes and bearings are commonly found in large vehicle applications from dumper trucks to lifting equipment and cone crushers:

Mining applications include:Cast Nylon Bearing for Mining and Quarrying

  • Oscillating hitch bushes
  • Bucket pivot and linkage bushes
  • Balance beam pivot bushes
  • Steering bushes
  • Axle pivot bushes
  • Lift arm bushes
  • Mast tilt bushes
  • Stabiliser leg bushes
  • Crusher bushing

Crossover applications include:

  • Kiln cart bushing
  • Kingpin bushing
  • Vehicle pivot bushing
  • Conveyor hanger bushing
  • Static sleeve bushing
  • Axle bushings
  • Gauge arm bushing
  • Suspension bushing
  • Actuator bushing

Key benefits:

  • Prevents wear on metal pins and shafts
  • Permits higher running speeds.
  • Suited to dry running bearing applications

6C-OFN and 6C-WFN bushing and bearings are employed to maintain rotation or linear movement by reducing axle friction and frictional heat. The uniform distribution of lubricants contained within 6C-OFN and 6C-WFN is permanent, guarantees low friction performance over the lifespan of the bearing.

6C-OFN and 6C-WFN busing applications:

  • Kiln cart bushing
  • Kingpin bushing
  • Crusher bushing
  • Vehicle pivot bushing
  • Conveyor hanger bushing
  • Static sleeve bushing
  • Axle bushings
  • Gauge arm bushing
  • Suspension bushing
  • Actuator bushing

UK Leaders in Cast Nylon Manufacture

The combination of PA6-C processing know-how, material excellence and market knowledge allows our products to be used in a myriad of applications in many key industries around the world.

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