Viva Nylons produce thermoplastic shapes and machined components, perfectly suited to the harsh conditions found onshore, offshore and subsea. Our cast nylon products are tough, lightweight (near neutral buoyancy), resistant to corrosion, wear and impact; providing huge application benefits in exploration, production and renewable energy environments.

We provide material and component solutions to difficult applications across the complete energy sector, including onshore drilling, wind-power, ocean vessels, offshore oil-platforms, subsea equipment and subsea pipelines:

Drilling-Rigs, Vessel-Decks & Rig-Platforms

Cast Nylon for the energy industry

Cast Nylon for cable handling & protection

PA6C sheaves are custom made and suitable for numerous lifting devices, helping reduce crane-arm weight and increased rope / cable support and life span. They’re available up to 2M in diameter, and suitable for cranes, drilling-rigs and hoist equipment including TMS & ROV deployment launch and recovery systems.

Applications include:nylon sheaves

  • 6C-MOLY Crown sheaves – for drilling rigs
  • 6C-EL Wireline Rigging Sheaves – for running downhole swab-electric line operations
  • 6C-MOLY Sheave Segments – allowing for assembly of very large diameter sheaves

Supporting applications include:

  • 6C pulleys and davits – for cable handling and deflection
  • 6C-WFN Wear-Pads (sliding elements) – to provide stability and eliminate friction resistances encountered during the telescopic movement of booms.

Cast Nylon for cable handling & protection

Exploration, Production & Generation:

Pipeline industry nylon parts

Cast Nylon clamping, centralising and protection for pipelines & cable

Our PA6C and CP612 grades are ideal materials for clamping, positioning and protecting subsea flow-lines, umbilicals, power and communications cables. The combination of mechanical strength and high abrasion resistance properties are designed to withstand the harshness of offshore and sub-sea environments.

Applications include:

  • PA6-OFN Pipe in Pipe system Centralisers – for positioning an inner flowline inside an outer carrier pipe, to transfer the loads and protect the insulation material contained in the annulus.
  • PA6C Segmented Clamps – for distributed risers & wind farm cables buoyancy; clamping solutions allowing DBMs to be fitted at any point along the length of the pipeline or cable.
  • PA6C-WFN Flowline Bundle components – for carrying pipeline bundle loads & protecting elements
  • PA6C-OFN Tubing & Casing Centralisers – for torque & drag reduction in well construction & drilling

Supporting applications include:

  • PA6C Guide & Diablo Rollers – for offshore cable management operations
  • CP612 ROV Torque receptacle (torque bucket) – allowing the ROV to connect with subsea tooling
  • CP612 ROV Thrusters Nozzles – for subsea vehicle propulsion systems

UK Leaders in Cast Nylon Manufacture

The combination of PA6-C processing know-how, material excellence and market knowledge allows our products to be used in a myriad of applications in many key industries around the world.

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