There are many classifications of commercial mobile vehicles, but all are designed to carry out a specific task in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Listed below are some of the commercial vehicles using cast nylon components produced by Viva nylons:

  • Areal lifts including boom, scissor, and vertical mast lifts
  • Forklift trucks (FLTs)
  • Refuse trucks
  • Recovery trucks (tow trucks)
  • Trailers (car transporters)
  • Hook-loaders and skip-loaders
  • Cement mixer
  • Road sweepers
  • Fire engines

Cast Nylon Pully Truning

Employing lightweight materials on mobile equipment is vital to minimise component weight on the vehicle’s chassis. Cast nylon is roughly one-seventh the weight of steel, allowing lighter and safer handling and installation of parts. In turn, reduced system weight allows for higher lifting loads.

  • 6C-MOLY – Sheaves and Pulleys
  • 6C-WFN – Wear pads / slide pads for Telescopic Booms
  • 6C – Rollers and wheels
  • 6C-OFN – Hose guide sheaves
  • 6C-MOLY – Hose clamps
  • 6C-WFN – Boom cradle wear pads
  • 6C-MOLY – Bearing shells for the rotating boom
  • 6C-OFN – Guide Blocks
  • CP-612 – Outrigger float dads
  • CP-612 – Outrigger mats, cribbing plates and crane pads

Viva Nylons offer a wide range of self-lubricating low friction cast nylons, providing a high resistance to wear and abrasion. Increasing component performance, whist offering a lightweight, corrosion resistant alternative to conventional materials such as steel and bronze.

Nylon Pullys for commercial Vehicles Cast Nylon Bumpers for utility vehicles

UK Leaders in Cast Nylon Manufacture

The combination of PA6-C processing know-how, material excellence and market knowledge allows our products to be used in a myriad of applications in many key industries around the world.

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