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We enable our partners to solve complex engineering problems through our leading range of innovative materials


Viva Nylons as it is known today was established in 2013, however we have a long history of Cast Nylon 6 production in Leicester, UK.

The very beginning of our journey, and our Cast Nylon 6 expertise began over 50 years ago as Nylacast Polymer Materials.

Since then, Viva has grown to be a leading fully integrated cast nylon-6 manufacturer, with a global customer base. This growth has been built on our core material principles – quality, innovation & support.

Why Viva?

World Leading Facilities

State of the art semi-automated cast and extrusion equipment plus automated precision cutting and planning technology, capacity to supply 5,000,000kg per year.


In-house testing facilities for full material characterisation & MRP controlled materials stock. This level of detail allows us to continuously monitor our material quality, ensuring that we continue to produce the highest quality materials.

Complete Control

As a direct to customer manufacturer, we control every aspect of our supply chain. Our long history means our people have a wealth of expertise, available to assist our partners in selecting to correct material of each application.


Viva Nylons employ rigorous manufacturing procedures to track customer’s products throughout the complete manufacturing process, from administration, to polymer processing, to dispatch.

Our continuous quality assurance process monitors products to the point of dispatch:

  • We examine all incoming raw materials, ensuring they comply to both the supplier’s and industry specifications.
  • Perform in-process stock-shape dimensional and ultrasound testing/inspections.
  • Dimensional and visual inspection after secondary processing such as annealing and semi-finishing.
  • Warehouse inventory inspection occurs upon receipt of materials and prior to packaging / dispatch.

Our QMS, encompasses our complete workforce in an ethos of continuous improvement and optimisation. As a result, our quality standards have been recognised with the group achieving ISO 9001 accreditation.

Download our ISO Certificate


Viva Nylons employ a robust recycling strategy. All polymer production waste, from our various manufacturing processes, are subject to a thorough recycling program by reprocessing polymer waste (solids and swarf) into both extrusion and moulding grade pellets.

Polymer recyclability and diverting our products away from landfills (or incineration) is imperative. We continue to develop increasingly efficient collection, sorting, recycling systems.

As with our polymer waste, all metal machining waste is recycled and processes into secondary raw material for the smelting of new metals.

View Our Environmental Statement

We are part of the Nylacast Group

As a member of the Nylacast group of companies, Viva Nylons Ltd is an integral part of a world leader in Cast Nylon production & engineered solutions. As a result of this, Viva can draw upon over 5 decades of engineering excellence and expertise from over 530 colleagues across 9 different locations.