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A global leader in cast nylon manufacturing

At Viva, our purpose is to enable our partners solving complex engineering problems through our leading range of innovative materials.

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The number of products our materials make each year.


The volume of engineered plastics we can produce each year.


The number of countries our materials are being used to create engineered solutions.

Core Materials


Our Nylon 6 & Nylon 6 co-polymer,  offering excellent dimensional stability and reduced moisture absorption


The original cast nylon - PA6 is the base grade from which all cast nylon materials are created.

PA6 Moly

PA6 with additional molybdenum disulphide.

Wax Filled Nylon (WFN)

Wax Filled Nylon | PA 6C + wax

Oil Filled Nylon (OFN)

Oil Filled Nylon | PA 6C + blended liquid lubricant

Branded Materials

Nylacast Aquanyl

Our premium PA612 for unrivalled dimensional stability & moisture absorption. Available through our partnership with Nylacast.

Nylacast Oilon

The leading Oil Filled Nylon for over 40 years.

Nylacast Nylube

The leading wax nylon since 1989

Industries our materials are used in


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Quarrying & Mining

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Oil & Gas

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Food & Beverage

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